22 juin 2010

listen to the song

please keep in mind three major commemorative: memorial MBT Shoesacquaintance, close contact with the first mark,

the suitors memorial.

,the most commonly used perfume, my wife loved to listen to the song.
please do a weekly long-distance walk with me: every two weeks to take me to the restaurant or bar would be

for a friend; every two months and I hand in hand to catch a movie; arrangements at least annually and my

travel time.

, so every evening, I looked on your situation, then sleep.
or hold me in the middle of the night telling them ghoststories.
a friend introduced me to a new, please around my waist, instead of standing around pointing hand.

, met in the street staring at beautiful women no more than 5 seconds, and quickly pointed out that the

beautiful women who fly in the ointment compared with me.

seen the movie "A Sigh\;

, I suffered from many shortcomings, I am worried enough, please do not remind me at any time.

my body has many advantages, and some even had no idea, please feel free to tell me loudly.

, not my parents, what would I? So you have to be thankful to them and respect.

, when shopping malls, do not say maliciously iron hook to the factory, because you have to be sports

minister appliance department or the time when hooked.

, although you are beautiful and charming female stars well known, but I asked you, still want to get this

answer: "Shu Qi Who? Britney is not a game of tennis of that? "

please do not peek at my past diaries and love letters, those of your business, not to fly so eat vinegar,

this is no different with their own, jumped to Cugang.

please do not watch soap operas against me, if I cry, not laugh, because you see the Chinese football team

lost, the eyes were red, I have not laughed.

please do not self-made passionate, interesting you think that many women also get to show off in front of

me. Moved as opposite of that beautiful new girl, you always say that someone you love lying on the balcony,

then we all know, she is a cross-eye, you remember the simplicity of this lesson.

though you have a naked habits, this does not become a reason for underwear can be worn for two days.

I hope you also retain some audacity, led one after another movie I saw that I was not allowed to go home.

if I done something wrong, have been very sad heart, please take the initiative to assume you should not

even be the responsibility of it, your mind is wide I never stop in the harbor.

wife not liking the work, you have to motherhood, MBT Shoes Clearanceto help analyze a number of constructive programs.

wife of progress, get recognition or promotion, you should rejoice, and I celebrating together and pointed

out that the success of the internal number of wives, his best praise.

please remember the wife of a hot chestnut hair is fashion, not wheat.

wife to wear sexy Toushi Zhuang is not fever.

wife to whitewash is not the demons of four brilliant surprise.

wife to wear platform shoes is the icing on the cake, not inherent.

wife, using foul language is pretty straightforward and not without education.

, wife Fenquan call is not flat you love you.

, wife is good at managing financial power big embrace, not Stingy stingy.

the main point, my wife is always right, because my wife loves you.
cherish their loved ones

in the world do not regret it later

wife is a small tail, I go where she have to ask where. I am tired, but she never tired. However, this small

point, but in that of the heavy rain the night gone forever ... ...
I feel very sad, heart full of guilt and pain, I can not forgive myself fault.
wedding day, my wife used the money to buy a ring I bought a cell phone. That night, the two of us over and

over in bed with the phone ringing debugging. We feel that life is like this ringtone, loud, sweet, full of

longing and hope. From that day on, I often received her phone: "My husband, home from work to buy a la carte.

"" Husband, I want you, I love you. "" Husband, went to her house at night to eat. "My heart is very warm.

Once, I forgot to charge their cell phones, they just accompany the leadership to the grassroots level,

entertaining to the middle of the night to get back home, opened the door for a look, I found my wife had her

eyes red from crying. Original work from the time I started, she hit a telephone every quarter of an hour, I do

not in the service area. More anxious wife, always thought that something happens, then every 10 minutes

playing time, until I open the door, she just had the microphone down. My wife fuss disapproval: "I am not a

child, but also anything about the situation? "Said his wife had a premonition, that I do not answer the phone

will not come back, I patted his wife's head MBT Shoes Saleand smiled:" Fool! "However, since then I have not forgotten the

time to charge their cell phones.

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